Declaration of Intent

You will undoubtedly hate me once you read this. I do not accept Barack Obama as my President. I accept the United States of America as my country, and all native-born Americans (spare me the cracks about Amerindians) as my countrymen. I salute the flag and recite the Pledge of Alleigiance (proudly making sure the G*D part is just a little louder than the others). I vote for the Right because I have that right, and because it is right.

You will probably hate me for saying these things. Some of you will want to silence me. Some people, like the terrorist Bill Ayers, would probably like to see me locked up or denied any further access to the Internet for what I just wrote. I delight in this animosity. I delight in it because what you have already read in my first paragraph only scratches the surface in an ideology that I cherish and work on daily.

I am a warrior of the future. I have no interest in fighting those of you who presently agitate on the Left, because I am more interested in aiming at the foundations of Left-Wing thought. That is my struggle: not to engage my enemies, not to destroy them, but to change them. I attack not the Leftist but his Left-Wing ideology.

My aim is to attack the impure ideas of the Left with such cold precision that no one will be able to argue with me and retain their grasp on these ideas. Barring that, I hope to help pave the way for the destruction of the Left, not as isolated ideas and operatives, but the entire matrix of corrupt concepts.

I seek to attack the Left, not in the form of little debaters here and there. I seek to attack the foundations of Left Wing thought with such effect that none can hold onto it any further.  I wish to make all those corruptions that threaten Freedom an utter impossibility. I wish to prepare the way for the greatest struggle in the Greatest Nation’s history.

Like another American before me, I too desire FREEDOM OR DEATH.


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