War: It’s Not God’s Fault

Wherever I go these days on the Internet, and see religion being discussed, there is always one idiot in the discussion who derived the sum total of his or her education from a Bazooka Bubble Gum wrapper or from “That Guy I Know”. You can tell who the speed bumps are when they come out with intellectual gems such as, “Religion is responsible for every war ever fought!”  This is one hundred percent USDA certified pure MALARKY. Now, as you know, history is written by the victors, and therefore every history book is bunk. Just ask any high school Obama supporter, I mean teacher, and they will tell you that history is only valid when it goes like this, “White men are evil and religions start wars. The end.”


However, for people like me, who have never submitted to a lobotomy, truth is a little more hard-nosed than Ms. Moonbeamdickweed’s “Make Up Knowledge and It’s Real Because Patchouli” Class. I think if you’re going to make a statement like, “Religions started all the wars,” and I’m in the room, you’d better damned well have checked your facts, because I LIVE to humiliate lefties which, admittedly is a bit of a waste of time because I have yet to see one admit to making an error. But I digress…..


Let’s begin with one of the longer, bloodier wars out of ancient history, the Peloponnesian War. fought by Sparta against the Athenians, this epoch-shattering conflict started when Sparta, busy with a series of attacks against Attica, was attacked by the naval forces of Athens, anxious to bolster their image as a dominant power. The Peloponneisan War went on for 27 years, and every conflict that was part of it was about military might and the desire for expanded territory. At no point did religion become a point of contention in this war.


Let’s zippetydoo-dah to the 14th century and the Hundred Years’ war. This conflict raged from 1337 to 1360. I know: that’s not a hundred years. Let’s not split hairs! In any case, this series of conflicts, fought between France and England, began when King Edward III of England set his sights on asserting a claim to the throne of France, held at that time by Philip VI. The hostilities spilled into England’s southern coast, Flanders, Brittany, and a host of other territories. However, make no mistake: this war was all about territory and disputed claims to the throne of France. Religion had not a blessed thing to do with it.


Since I don’t want to bore the hell out of you, let’s skip to the 20th century and Vietnam. As many of you know, the roots of this conflict lie in the maintaining of French commercial interests in the region. Ho Chi Minh, with support from the Soviet Union, some support from the People’s Republic of China, and a great deal of chutzpah, proceeded to fight to undo French territorial claims and to seize the commercial interests of the West. I will not presume to debate Communism vs. Capitalism here. However, I will state emphatically that at no point did the Vatican, the Protestant churches, the Muslim Brotherhood, or the Dalai Lama send troops into Vietnam to pacify the infidel. Once again, religion had nothing to do with it.


I could go on and on: the American Revolution, the Battle of Hastings, the War of 1812, Queen Ann’s War, the War of Spanish Succession, the Russian Revolution, the War of the Roses, the Franco Prussian War, the French and Indian War, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Sino-Japanese Wars, the Ruso-Finnish conflict, the Trojan War, the Algerian War, the Austro-Prussian War, the Indo-Pakistani War, the Continuation War, the Bosnian War, the Japanese Invasions of Korea int he 16th Century, the Iran-Iraq War, the War of Attrition, the Battle of the Atlantic, the Battle of Midway, the Investiture Controversy, Thermopylae, the Cisplatine War, the Polish-Russian War of 1792, the Burgundian Wars, the Servile Wars, the Spanish-American War, the Ragamuffin War, the War of the Regulation, and so on ad nauseam.  NONE of these wars were instigated by, fought over, or finished by, ANY of the world’s religions. So, whenever you see a Lobotomite foaming at the mouth about how religion started so many wars, cite the list I just gave you, point out that it’s incomplete, and then thrash the momo.Image

A Smug Atheist: Note How He Is Hopped Up On Goofballs.


America’s Stance on Israel Since the Great Fall

Once upon a time, American policy was pro-Israel, or at least that was the claim of many so-called pundits. I would put it forward that conservative policy in America has, and should continue to favor a pro-Israeli stance. This is even more vital since the Great Fall of 2008, which occasioned Barrack Obama’s takeover of the White House. I would even go so far as to say that criticism of truly conservative orthodoxy is inherently anti-Semitic. I am sure this statement will have its critics.

Many conservative thinkers, such as Buckley, Rusher, and Perle, have pointed out that the disarmament fetishists of the Cold War have become leaders of today’s anti-Israel caucus. They have never understood that failure to maintain a strong stance in Central Europe was always at the cost of Soviet technological advances. Similarly, they fail to accept that any retreat in the War on Terror abroad invites escalations because we are dealing with an enemy whose civilization has always interpreted passivity of any kind as weakness.

Ten years ago Congress was definitively in Israel’s corner. Buckley himself implicitly observed many times that American policy had for decades been so strongly entrenched in Israel’s camp that there seemed very little demarcation between American pro-Israeli policy and Israeli policy per se. The reasons for this are tied in with many political realities, from mutual military support to America’s strong Jewish population. All of these are interconnected, and none has been successfully refuted.

However, since the Great Fall of 2008 Amerca’s policies have turned sharply to the left and sharply into an ever-deepening anti-Israeli morass. Obama and his minions, never seeing why they should explain themselves, have simply come out in support of Muslims worldwide. To that end, Obama has nurtured friendships, albeit of a political nature, with known terrorists at home and abroad. Aiming to rule by fiat, the Great Usurper has yet to provide adequate explanation for the benefit in these decisions for America or Israel.

The simple truth here is that his policy is explicitly anti-Israel and pro-Radical Islam. Furthermore, the policies of Washington since the Great Fall have been aimed at a “normalization” of America’s relations with Muslims worldwide. The problem with that, of course, is that even the most so-called “moderate” Muslims have as their aim, at the very least, the thwarting of Israel’s political will. That “moderate” faction is, of course, overwhelmingly outnumbered by the radicals who seek the utter annihilation of Israel. Some factions and pro-Muslim politicians in the Middle East have even gone so far as to come out in support of Hitler and the Third Reich.

Ten years ago, although Congress was distinctly pro-Israel, the notion that American policies were being formulated in a pro-Israel slant was nonsense. William F. Buckley, the Patron Saint of American Conservatism, wrote, “there was no distinctive pressure, in 2003, to send U.S. Marines to Iraq in order to destroy a regime hostile to the State of Israel. And associates of the administration would probably confess, if out of earshot, that they would not have recommended the war on Iraq except for their conviction that it was becoming a storehouse of weaponry which Saddam was entirely capable of using, whether against Kurds, Kuwaitis, Iranians, or Israelis.” American policies in the Middle East were, at this time, frequently receptive to Israel’s consultation, but the suggestion of today’s “new left” that Israel was dictating policy is balderdash.

However, it cannot be denied that today’s Congress is not a friend to Israel. The War on Terror, never popular with leftists to begin with, comes under more frequent fire since the Great Fall. Even American youth are being indoctrinated to think of Israel as a hindrance to American interests. Israel will come under fire. It is only a question of timing. If such a situation arises after 2017 brings us a Washington purified of leftist usurpers, the concerns of American conservatives will be mitigated. Make no mistake: any attack before 2017 can be handled adequately by Israel’s military and the Mossad. However, the question of American support during the Obama Occupation is a variable that no free-thinking human being wishes to countenance.

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Declaration of Intent

You will undoubtedly hate me once you read this. I do not accept Barack Obama as my President. I accept the United States of America as my country, and all native-born Americans (spare me the cracks about Amerindians) as my countrymen. I salute the flag and recite the Pledge of Alleigiance (proudly making sure the G*D part is just a little louder than the others). I vote for the Right because I have that right, and because it is right.

You will probably hate me for saying these things. Some of you will want to silence me. Some people, like the terrorist Bill Ayers, would probably like to see me locked up or denied any further access to the Internet for what I just wrote. I delight in this animosity. I delight in it because what you have already read in my first paragraph only scratches the surface in an ideology that I cherish and work on daily.

I am a warrior of the future. I have no interest in fighting those of you who presently agitate on the Left, because I am more interested in aiming at the foundations of Left-Wing thought. That is my struggle: not to engage my enemies, not to destroy them, but to change them. I attack not the Leftist but his Left-Wing ideology.

My aim is to attack the impure ideas of the Left with such cold precision that no one will be able to argue with me and retain their grasp on these ideas. Barring that, I hope to help pave the way for the destruction of the Left, not as isolated ideas and operatives, but the entire matrix of corrupt concepts.

I seek to attack the Left, not in the form of little debaters here and there. I seek to attack the foundations of Left Wing thought with such effect that none can hold onto it any further.  I wish to make all those corruptions that threaten Freedom an utter impossibility. I wish to prepare the way for the greatest struggle in the Greatest Nation’s history.

Like another American before me, I too desire FREEDOM OR DEATH.